Logan -Saving the best for last?

Spoiler Alert!!  There is nothing at the end of the movie after credits but there is a Deadpool 2 short before the movie begins.

The anticipated “last” Wolverine movie is finally out in theaters.  With a new rating of R, the movie steps it up a notch story wise, action, and character development.  Rating the movie R allowed for this movie to be more adult, have more umph and a lot more cursing.  This movie would make one who knows nothing of Marvel almost forget it is based on a comic.  In my opinion, this is the best Wolverine movie out of the bunch.

Logan opens in the year 2029 with an old and sick Logan.  Throughout the movie it is pointed how something inside of Logan is making him sick (possible the adamantium).  It is taking him longer and longer to heal (which is why he is aged), he cant see, he is coughing throughout the entire movie and he is carrying an adamantium bullet on him.  What can all this mean?  He dies at the end.

But before he dies, there is a lot of great action scences and a good story being told that is best understood and appreciated if seen in theaters.  I can not explain or give any real justice to how awesome the fight scenes are in this movie.  I flinched for most of them because those scenes are so gory.

Year 2029 and besides Logan, a sick Charles (Prof X) and an Albino mutant tracker (Caliban), there are no more mutants.  Logan is hiding Charles and keeping him doped up on medication to help control his deadly seizures and to keep his mind fogged.  Next X-Men movie will explain?  Mutant children are being genetically engineered and bred to be soldiers by the corporation Transient.  However the children are seen as liability and Transigen decides to terminate the children.  When the children escape (because it is a movie and they have to escape), a nurse from the facility tracks down Logan so that he can help bring one of the mutant children to a place called Eden.  Laura is biologically Logan’s daughter, even though she was born and raised at Transigen.  Laura has Logan’s mutation, the adamantium and the aggression.  With much reluctance, Logan agrees to help Laura and him, Laura and Charles go on the run from the people hunting Laura and the rest of the escaped children.

Two and a half hours into the movie, we finally meet the rest of the escaped children and one of them might have Magento’s power (it was very exciting to watch).  The final fight scene is between Logan and his clone X-24 (both played by Hugh Jackman).  Laura kills the clone using the adamantium bullet but not before the clone impales Logan on a branch where he “dies”. The children bury Logan and in doing so, they bury the last of the X-Men.

The children get away, the doctor who created them (he is the son of the man who put the adamantium  in Logan) is dead so now what?  A movie about the children?  In a world that was mutant free, there are now mutants.  Is Logan really dead?  The movie set that ending up from the very beginning but Logan can heal even if very very slowly.  There has to be a X-Men movie that leads up to this movie because there are so many answers to unasked questions.  Will Hugh Jackman still play Logan or will the Wolverine  be recast?  This movie sets up a lot of possibilities for some great Marvel movies.   Let us all hope we are not disappointed.

Until then, go and see Logan at your local Regal theater!