Tune in Tuesdays 1/31/16

released today to Blue-ray + DVD were 2 classics and 2 new movies.  r

images– starring Tom Cruise.  I saw the first movie which was just titled Jack Reacher also starring Tom Cruise.  In the first movie, Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher and he saves some people, solves a problem, does lots of fighting and cool jedi mind tricks.  He’s all lone wolf, rouge man good guy.  I guarantee this one was just like that.

untitled starring Zach Galifiankis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wig and Jason Sudeikis.  The comedy is claimed to be inspired by a true story of an armored car heist.  Don’t get any ideas after watching this movie – crime does not pay… even though it might’ve in this movie.  Individually these actors are very funny and even though I haven’t seen this yet, I know this movie is very funny and worth the watch.  It’s not on Netflix and so I’ll see if it is on Redbox.

161258_large– Not a movie about “good fellas.” Starring Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci, the movie was originally released in 1990 by Martin Scorese.  Adapted from a non fiction book written years before, the movie has since been considered a classic.  Todays re-release was on 4k Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital HD, only proving that even with the newest technology, you should still be able to watch this mob classic in style.

5657241_sa– Starring Disney.  Not really starring Disney or a recent Disney movie but I may be a tad biased on Disney movies.  Pinocchio was originally released by Disney in 1940. I remember watching this movie as a child (decades ago), and Disney knows how not to let a good thing go or be forgotten.  The third release from the Disney Signature Collection, it is the first time the movie is being released on Blu-Ray and Digital HD.  The movie also includes a bunch of bonus features both old and new.  Its not often that Disney releases something from their vault s0 if you have kids, and you remember this classic tale, do purchase.

That’s it for this Tuesday.  You can head to your local Target to pick up your own personal copies of any of the mentioned titles.

Tune in Tuesdays 1.10.17

A couple of new releases to DVD today – 3 movies and 2 tv shows.  Most of the titles I’ve heard of/ seen commercials for but nothing released today I have seen yet.

  1. thgrfxfs55  Starring Ben Affleck.  Ben plays .. hold your surprise.. an accountant!  Somehow there was an action movie made about one of the most boring jobs known to man.
  2. thx8kmdjmq Starring Mark Wahlberg.  Apparently there was an actual oil spill some years back and hence this movie.  The movie is a dramatization of the events that occurred before, during and after the spill.  I’m going with the ship sank?
  3. th9r0ug50h Starring Kevin Hart. Kevin the small man comedian does some big man things.  Every comedy tour Kevin has done he has released to movie format after the tour and of course his latest tour would be no different.  This is a cheaper alternative for anyone who couldn’t afford to see the show live.  Kevin Hart is a very funny and all his past comedy shows have been good so lets just assume this one is hilarious.
  4. thhb71ptte The complete 5th season starring Claire Danes.  This tv show airs on Showtime but is available via Hulu.  Taking a stab in the dark here but  I’m sure this season had Claire’s character doing something security related and saving  the lives of thousands of people.  The show is five seasons in so this could be a possible next binge.
  5. thq5i76gzz     The complete 2nd season starring Rami Malek.  I highly doubt this tv show that I have never heard about is about robots.  The show airs on USA for anyone interested.

That wraps about this weeks Tune in Tuesday.  Again I have not seen any of the titles mentioned and therefore any synopsis given is more for entertainment not information.  Check these titles out and form your own opinion.