Hidden Figures…Giving overdo credit to women I’m ashamed to have never learned of.

Hidden Figures the movie is based on the true story of Black Girl Magic.  Rated PG and starring Tarji P Henson as Katherine Johnson, Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson and Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan, the movie shines light on the integral and invaluable part that these three women played in making American history.  Mrs. Katherine Johnson, Mrs. Mary Jackson and Mrs. Dorothy Vaughan, broke stereotypes, changed the rules and defied the standards within NASA.

The movie is about three genius, beautiful, hardworking and determined black women who despite living in a segregated state, made a way for themselves and other women, Black or otherwise, to excel within NASA.  Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Dorothy and Mrs. Johnson were the brains of NASA, literally.  Considered “computers”, they did the math, ALL the calculations needed to send an astronaut successfully into space and all while only using rulers, very big calculators and most importantly their beautiful minds.

The movie is awe inspiring.  Even though I don’t have that type of mind for math, it was much more than that.  Katherine Johnson trusted in herself and what she knew she could do to prove that she was beyond able but necessary to the team and success of the work.  Dorothy Vaughan saw that there wasn’t a position for her so she made her own position and left no women behind when she moved on. Mrs. Mary Jackson saw that the “qualifications” didn’t apply to her or anyone like her so she fought the law so that she could become “qualified” and started a route that other women would be able to follow.  You don’t need to have their mathematic aptitude to have the courage, determination, and spirit that they possessed.  It is something that I wish all my young Blacks girls to have and to let nothing and no one stand in the way.

Tarji P Henson and Octavia Spencer shined (as usual) and I am so happy to see Janelle Monae on the big screen so soon again.  She is a talented musician and I am glad that the world gets to see that talent transfer on the screen.  Ms. Monae might actually be a robot named Cindi … hmmm?  

And that’s all I’m giving you.  The movie is worth seeing in theaters, worth the price tag of an adult ticket. It was worth me seeing on a Thursday and worth you seeing ASAP.  Also make sure to download the soundtrack.  Musical genius Pharrell Williams outdoes himself yet again.   

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