Hi! My name is Anani and I am a binge watcher.

If you have ever sat and watched back to back episodes of a television show you have binged watched.  I welcome you to my blog!  Binge watching is no easy task.  It takes hours of time out of your day and for those extreme binge watches like myself hours of your sleep.

Yes, I have gone a weekend or two on no sleep and binge watched some random television show either on Hulu or Netflix.  I usually watch on my phone so if for any reason, I need to move or do something that isn’t near my television I can still watch the show.  If I am currently on a binge I will watch while eating while getting dressed while in shower while driving while on break at work while cooking while shopping – basically while doing anything that gives me an opportunity to be watching.

This talent I have for binge watching was cultivated in college.  I worked the overnight shift for campus safety and needed a way to stay awake.  I know you are thinking why not study or do homework?  If only it were that easy but I needed to stay awake.  I would borrow movies from the campus library but eventually I had watched most of them either at work or back in my dorm room.

It really all started with Buffy – Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I had already watched the series when it was on the WB on channel 11 (now the CW) and loved everything about it so re-watching the entire series didn’t seem farfetched at all.  Of course, this was all before Netflix (I know I am giving away my age) and so I relied on the campus library to have all the seasons in stock.  I watched all 7 seasons in no time and moved on to Charmed a television show that also aired on the WB.

And thus, a binge watcher was born.

Follow me as I explore more the idea of binge watching and all the various ways you can do it.  Along the way, I will share what I’m currently binge watching any movies I’ve seen either in theaters or otherwise and anything Disney related.

I will also be transcribing my Tuesdays mornings at work where I do Tune in Tuesdays.  During Tune in Tuesdays I share with my team all the movie and televisions shows that have just been released on DVD.  My mini synopsis of each new relelase is either usually full of spoilers inaccurate because I haven’t seen the movie or flat out ridiculous but always entertaining to hear.


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